McDONALDS ‘Total Eclipse of the Wrap’

Belgium - 2018

The scale of this commercial, specifically from an art department perscpective, was enormous.

There were a number of sets, shot in 1 house, requiring the design to initiate creative practical solutions to achieve variety across the sets and visual interest. The scale of set dressing was massive, each set dressed entirely from the device up. Many interiors were painted or wallpapered, and finished with floor coverings and window dressing.

Additionally, all the live action inserts, to be played in the devices were also shot, treated as additional sets.

A big design challenge was designing an irrigation system, which was installed on a not-in-use office building, for the moment in the spot where the sprinkler system floods the office. Furthermore, devolping a cost effective method for the office dressing itself.


PRODUCTION | Insurrection

DIRECTOR | Vincent Lobelle