SQUEAKY GATE ‘The way it should be’

Australia - 2018

During production on this project, I was brought on early to develop the concept in delivering this message. The brief was to design a ‘mock kitchen’ for an imaginary cooking show.

The first TV spot for the client, meant we had to work to establish a marketing approach for this brand. It needed to be modern, fresh and fun.

I wanted to connect the indoors with the outdoors. I felt it was integral in highlighting the local nature of this brand. Futhermore, I wanted this to have the cheap feeling of kitchen cooking show sets acting as an extension to the comic writing. I did however want it to have a slightly more sophisticated style, something not commonly seen in kitchen cooking shows.

To maximise budget, I didnt reveal appliances, or a large expansive set. It was not necessary for the storytelling of this campaign.

“The way it should be” – Kerryn Fogarty

AGENCY | Communicado


DIRECTOR | John Pace