GOOSE (2016)

Short Film, Belgium

Role | Production Designer

This short film was released as part of the official album launch “what you need”, for Belgium electro rock band – GOOSE.

In contrast to a music video the music is not the main character. The setting and environment is. The camera follows the band around in the building, on and off the stairs into the different sections of the former hotel. On their path they cross mysterious boys and girls. Some embody parts of the featured songs, others are metaphors of the band’s inspirations.

Shot on location in an old building, formerly a hotel used in the early 1900s where freak shows were held, now the bands home studio. The film is an ode to that place and even more so a way of getting deeper into the artists world. What makes them GOOSE and what is the essence of that particular album.


Safari Studios + Mindbox

Director | Willy Vanderperre

DOP | Larry Smith